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ITIL® Foundation
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Begin the process of building a structured IT service offering using the world-renowned ITIL® to provide the framework. Designed for IT support and service professionals of all levels, the ITIL® Foundation course is the first step towards full ITIL® Expert status.

ITIL® Foundation course provides comprehensive first-level training for anyone involved in provision, support, and delivery of IT Services. They are also guaranteed to receive a good understanding of ITIL® principles and how they could be applied to improving and formalising their own IT service operations.

Using the foundation-level training, IT service management professionals and engineers will be able to:

  • Assess their existing IT service offering and management processes against ITIL® best practice guidelines.
  • Begin the process of planning and migrating to an ITIL®-based service operation.
  • Implement a transitional service offering to maintain standards according to user expectations during the move over to an ITIL® framework.
  • IT Managers or Practitioners involved in the strategy, design, implementation and ongoing delivery of business-used IT services.
  • Individuals requiring an insight into Service Management best practice.

At the end of the course students will not only be prepared to sit the ITIL® Foundation exam, but also have laid the groundwork to take their studies to the next level. Upon completion participants will be ready to move on to the ITIL® Intermediate and Expert-level qualifications as and when required.

Key Learning Points

Specifically intended as a basic overview of the ITIL® framework and how to apply it, the Information Technology Infrastructure Library course provides more than 20 hours of e-Learning content to communicate and test student comprehension. Nine separate modules walk delegates through:

  • The service management lifecycle and the key stages used to manage service requests.
  • Defining a service strategy that meets the needs of all users of the IT service.
  • Implementing a service that supports the strategy.
  • Building intermediate delivery services that maintain standards during the transition period.
  • The operations required to maintain customers expected levels of service and satisfaction.
  • Building a continual service improvement plan that keeps raising standards and customer satisfaction levels.

The ITIL® Foundation course uses a mix of audio, video and written course materials, allowing students to study wherever and whenever is most suitable for them.

Advantages of this course

By completing the ITIL® Foundation course, IT professionals tasked with service management and delivery will immediately benefit from:

  • Full preparation for the ITIL® Foundation-level examination.
  • A working knowledge of the ITIL® framework and how it may be best applied to improving and streamlining IT service provisions.
  • Improved on the job performance, particularly within organisations already using ITIL® to manage service delivery.
  • Broader employment opportunities as students gain new, in-demand service planning and management skills.

For senior service delivery managers, the Information Technology Infrastructure Library course is the first step towards mastering the ITIL® framework. The ITIL® course is an essential foundation for all IT professionals operating in an organisation that uses the ITIL® framework for service provision. Without this training, IT service professionals are unlikely to properly understand and fulfil their duties and responsibilities.

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Course Focus
  • Service Management as a practice
  • The concept of good practice
  • The concept of a service & Service Management
  • Define processes, roles and functions.
The Service Lifecycle
  • Understand the Service Lifecycle and its key concepts
  • Understand the business value of the phases.
Key concepts and definitions
  • Understanding the key terminology, the key concepts of Service Management, key principles and models.
Service Strategy
  • What is Service Strategy?
  • Understand the goals & objectives of Service Strategy
  • Understand the 4 main activities of Service Strategy
  • Basic overview of value creation through services
  • Overview 3 Service Strategy processes.
Service Design
  • Importance of people, processes, products & partners
  • Understand the five major aspects of Service Design
  • Understand the different sourcing approaches
  • Overview of the 7 Service Design processes.Service Transition
  • Explain the Service V model
  • Overview of Service Transition processes.
Service Operation
  • IT Service versus technology components
  • Quality of Service versus cost of service
  • Reactive versus proactive
  • Overview of the Service Transition processes
  • Objectives of Continual Service Improvement
  • The 7 step improvement process.
  • The Service Desk; Technical Management
  • Application Mgmt; IT Operations Mgmt.
  • Process owner; Service Owner; RACI model in determining organisational structure.
Technology and Architecture
  • Requirements for an integrated set of Service Management technology
  • How Service automation assists with integrated processes.
Course Code
Online Course
Course Access
6 Months
Exams Included
1 gigahertz (GHz)
1 GB
Free Disk space
1 GB Free Space Required
Operating Systems
Windows 7
Windows 8
Windows 10
Internet Explorer 11
Google Chrome
Safari 8
Mozilla Firefox
Windows, Mac, iPad
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