Level 3 Football Intermediary Certificate (with Professional Mentoring and Job Opportunity)

Level 3 Football Intermediary Certificate (with Professional Mentoring and Job Opportunity)
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The 2014 FIFA World Cup™ reached an audience of 3.2billion viewers, nearly half the population of the entire planet, with more than one billion fans tuning in to watch the final in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, cementing football as the world’s most popular sport. With this popularity comes immense fortune. Football is now seen as a business venture for many, with routes into the game being taken out of a sporting context.

Involvement is now available to everyone, irrespective of your age, location or footballing experience, you can become a football intermediary and reap the benefits of being involved in the sport that many aspire to become a part of.

Traditionally football intermediaries were the only selected few people who had the connections and the licenses to work in this sector; this is no longer the case. With the recent deregulation in the industry, anyone, from any background, anywhere in the world has the opportunity to become an officially registered football intermediary.

What is an Intermediary?

An Intermediary, otherwise known as an Agent, is someone who oversees professional and personal aspects of a football player’s life. These include overseeing the negotiations of transfers, contracts and sponsors to player relationships with clubs, friends, education and their own finances. An Intermediary acts as a guiding figure throughout a player’s career, making decisions based on what is best for the player and what the player wants.

About the Course

This high quality course, written by John Viola & Philip McTaggart, (both world leading football intermediaries) is the most unique and up to date programme which not only teaches you all the essential elements of how to begin your new full or part-time career as a football intermediary, it also provides you direct access to the intermediaries and their team who will provide you live mentoring for the duration of your studies and once you complete the course you have the opportunity to make your application to join their ever growing global team.

About John Viola & Phillip McTaggart

John & Phillip have a combined 35 years’ experience working as football intermediaries. During their time, they have seen the sport undertake a remarkable change. They have handled the transfers and commercial deals of some of the world’s most popular players including Luis Figo, Roberto Carlos and Christian Karembeu, dealing with clubs such as Manchester United, Real Madrid, Liverpool, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, Celtic, Manchester City, Ajax and Monaco.

Since the door has opened for “anyone” to potentially become a football intermediary they wanted to take this opportunity to share their knowledge and experience with the aim of educating people about how this remarkable industry really works and what is required to make a success of it.

The Course

The course is delivered fully online and can be studied on any internet enabled device. It has 15 modules which go through all the aspects of the curriculum. At the end of each module all the key learning points are reinforced and followed by a short assessment.

Every learner has access to a mentoring service called Mentor+ where contact via the system can be made with John & Phillip as well as their team to assist the learner with any aspect of the course.

The platform will also provide learners with access to additional videos, webinars and material which will supplement their knowledge.

As part of John & Phillip’s pledge to identify world class talent in the industry, they have opened their doors to hiring the very best candidates from across the globe. Once the course is completed, every learner will have the opportunity to complete an online job application, which will be considered as an independent application to join John or Phil’s team, or be recommended by the team to other intermediaries around the world.

  • Background to Intermediary Regulations
  • Client Identification
  • Recruitment Procedure
  • Football Clubs: Making Contacts and Building Relationships
  • Sales & Player Marketing
  • Transfer Windows
  • Process of a Deal
  • Relocation & Player Settlement
  • Working with other Intermediaries
  • Dealing with the Press
  • International Markets
  • Successfully Navigating English FA Work Permit Regulations
  • Client Retention
  • Professional Advice
  • Being Commercial
  • Internet Marketing
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Level 3 Football Intermediary Certificate
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