Football Intermediary Professional Programme

Football Intermediary Professional Programme
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The role of a Football Intermediary hasn’t changed in recent years, it has merely evolved. From the change of name which was previously Football Agent, with a FIFA-led attempted rebrand to Football Intermediary, to the kind of services that are on offer; the role of an Intermediary has turned into that of a father figure, helping to nurture and guide players in their day-to-day lives as well as football-related responsibilities.

The only thing that changed was the ease at which you could become a Football Agent (now known as a Football Intermediary). Before an industry deregulation in 2015, you needed to pay £100,000 in indemnity insurance, pass a profoundly tough examination that featured subject areas including contractual law and visa regulations, then after all that, pass a DBS check to ensure you’re aligned to international laws (you know, the normal stuff of don’t commit fraud, violence or parking fines). Now, all you have to do is meet the criteria of your local FA (for England, this is paying a £500+VAT registration fee, passing a multiple-choice code of practice assessment, and the same DBS check), once you’ve done that, you’re good to go.

Good to go in an official sense, but unofficially, what is your understanding of the business side of football? This programme has been built so that you’re fully equipped with every bit of knowledge you need to make yourself a success in this business; so don’t enter into this half-heartedly, it requires commitment in a “reap what you sow” industry, but if you have the desire to succeed, we will provide you with everything else.

Exclusive Access Event 
** September event was SOLD OUT. Bookings for our February event are now open but hurry, spaces are limited **

  • What is this course? – An exclusive training programme designed to help build your Football intermediary career and discover what it takes to work with players and managers, effectively.
  • Where will this event be? – The Kiyan Prince Foundation Stadium (formerly Loftus Road), London W12 7PJ.
  • When is the event being held? – 13th February 2020.
  • Who will be running the training? – Special guests Xabier deBeristain Humphrey and keynote speakers Paul McVeigh and Les Ferdinand.
  • How much will the programme cost?The full programme is £1,995. We offer a range of payment options, including: Payment in full (benefit from an extra 10% off), Split the payment into 3 monthly payments, or apply for finance (spread the cost over up to 24 months. This option requires a credit check).

Key Learning Points

  • Football Intermediary Certificate – The 16-module training course which will teach you industry-specific knowledge of how to practically fulfil the roles and responsibilities of a Football Intermediary. We give you 12 months access to the course, which is delivered entirely online, and you can work through it at your own pace with 24/7 access. The course also includes Professional Mentoring for course-related content, from financial intricacies of the business, to guiding players in personal aspects of their life. We also give you the opportunity to fill in a job application which will be sent through to course author and current Football Intermediary Xabier deBeristain Humphrey and his team, who will potentially give you a way into your dream industry, providing you showcase your desire and capabilities!
  • Mentoring and Tutor support – Mentoring and tutor support is included through our team of Intermediaries, who will ensure everything is running smoothly and provides you a direct line into the business for help and support, where needed. This continues throughout your 12-month access, helping you to benefit from industry insights, tips, guidance and recommendations of how to practically carry out your role or any venture that you’re looking to set up.
  • Exclusive Access Event - Gives real life, hands-on experience and exclusive knowledge on how to get started in the industry with Xabier deBeristain Humphrey, Les Ferdinand (former Premier League striker and current Director of Football at Queens Park Rangers) and Paul McVeigh (former Premier League footballer and current international keynote speaker, to be held at the home of Queens Park Rangers, the Kiyan Prince Foundation Stadium (formerly Loftus Road)
  • Advanced Development - Exclusive materials only available to those on the Football Intermediary Professional Programme including webinars that cover extensive topics. You will be able to ask questions in a Q&A session, network and build relationships in a collaborative environment, asking more detailed questions about the course, your career or the industry. This is also the best way to prepare for the Exclusive Access Event hosted by e-Careers

Advantages of the Programme

  • Benefit from this exclusive world-leading training programme to build your career in the sport you love!
  • Everything you need to kickstart your career in this challenging but lucrative industry. The knowledge, the skills, and if you use the Exclusive Access Event correctly, the connections and insider guidance from industry experts!
  • Mentoring from a team of Intermediaries throughout your 12-month access to the course, this will also include after your attendance on the Event so you can tie up any loose ends
  • Find out more about the industry you’re working in from guys who have 20+ years’ experience in their field – former Premier League footballers Les Ferdinand and Paul McVeigh, and Football Intermediary Xabier deBeristain Humphrey.
  • 12 months, 24/7 access to the course content which is delivered entirely online. 16 modules with one assessment per module to test your knowledge on what you’ve just learned
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