CeMAP Paper 1

CeMAP Paper 1
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Demonstrate your abilities as a mortgage adviser by gaining knowledge of CeMAP® in UK financial regulation. Any homeowner will know how hard it can be to step onto the property ladder, and this leap can be even more difficult without the help of a mortgage adviser. The CeMAP, or Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice, is a course specific to the UK housing market, and meets the educational standard of the FCA so that the bearer can apply for a ‘license to practice’ as a mortgage adviser. Holding this certificate allows you to offer this in-demand service to potential property buyers and develop a career in mortgage advice.

This course provides learning support for CeMAP® Paper 1, which concerns the key points of UK Financial Regulation. Learn about the fundamental elements of the UK financial services industry, including its purpose and structure, and work towards gaining knowledge of CeMAP® and advising homeowners yourself.

Make the house-buying process a little easier and venture forward with your career dreams of becoming a professional mortgage adviser. Whether you’re looking to get ahead in your current job role, or you’re hoping to step into a new career, this course in UK Financial Regulation is a great place to start!

It’s considered by most that the CeMAP® qualification is the industry benchmark. With 80% of mortgage advisers holding the education, you could join the majority of professionals in the UK and work towards becoming a fully-fledged mortgage adviser, who can help others with their continued climb on the property ladder.

Break It Down into Bitesize Chunks

Studying for a full course of this importance can be overwhelming, which is why the course is broken into seven units across three separate modules. Study the two units of CeMap® 1 with this course at your own pace, online, over a period time. Continue on to complete the units of CeMap® 2 and 3, to become a professional mortgage adviser.

To become a professional Mortgage Adviser, you need to hold a qualification approved by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). CeMAP® is an FCA approved qualification awarded by The London Institute of Banking & Finance and £175 per paper additional fees are payable to them in order to sit the exams and achieve this qualification.


  • This resource covers the two units of Paper 1 - one of three CeMap® course papers. Once CeMap® 1 UK Financial Regulation is complete, you can continue towards your mortgage advisor career dreams by completing CeMap® 2 and 3 and becoming proficient with CeMAP®.
  • Explore the structure and purpose of the UK financial services industry, and why financial regulation is such an important area to understand as a professional mortgage adviser.
  • Get to grips with the Data Protection Act 1998, as well as FCA regulation and its conduct of business rule, so that when you work as a mortgage adviser, you can do so with confidence and thorough understanding.
  • Learn more about legal concepts, how they are relevant to the advice you will give, and also how legislation and regulation work together within the finance services.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of UK taxation and social security systems.
  • Learn how to effectively deal with compensation claims and complaints, just in case any issues should arise within your future business.
  • Understand how the volatility of interest rates can affect a mortgage customer, including how the fluctuation of interest rates can impact on affordability and acceptance for mortgages.


  • Constantly updated courses to reflect the very latest in financial regulations. With this course, you will study with the help of the most recent 2014/15 syllabus so that you will be up-to-date and ready to go.
  • Be your own boss and work for yourself as a freelance mortgage adviser. The CeMAP® course can help you to achieve your aspiration of self-employment, as well as having the opportunity to work for a financial institution.
  • The complete CeMAP course is divided into three separate modules, so you can work towards your mortgage adviser education at your own pace and not overwhelmed.
  • Have the opportunity to advise others of their mortgage potential, and earn money, experience and satisfaction from a reputable career!

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Start your journey to becoming a fully proficient CeMAP mortgage adviser by investing in this course, today.

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